How to prepare for labor and delivery

Labor and delivery are thrilling—and often a little scary—for moms-to-be. Getting prepared for the day you give birth is a good first step in having the most positive experience possible. As your due date approaches, here are some things you can do to ensure that you are as prepared for labor and delivery as possible.

Get educated
Finding out as much as you can about the process of labor and delivery will help you feel more confident and empowered to make decisions about what is right for you. At your obstetrics appointments, bring lists of questions you want to ask and look into classes for expecting mothers at your birthing center.

Be wary about information you get from friends or from internet surfing. Friends often tend to highlight any negative parts of their labor experiences, which could make you more anxious. Surfing the internet could lead you to incorrect information or information that is not relevant to your situation.

Tour the birthing center
Seeing the birthing center can alleviate many of your concerns about what to expect. Many birthing centers offer tours so women and their families can see where labor and delivery happens and get comfortable with the space. Tours also provide a chance to ask questions of the healthcare team.

These tours can be especially helpful for women who are anxious about the idea of being in a hospital. Birthing centers are positive, cheerful places, and are much different than what many people envision when they think of hospital settings. Seeing this in person may put your mind at ease.

Create a birth plan
Work with your physician to create a plan for your birth that works for you. By creating this plan, you will get a chance to tell your physician what is important for you during your labor and delivery, and your physician will be able to explain what is and isn’t possible for you based on your medical needs.

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