• What are the best sports for adults to take up?

    Who says that kids get to have all the fun? There are plenty of sports that are ideal for adults who may have let a little time go since their last workout and even more time pass since they were last active in anything beyond walking around the neighborhood. May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which is the perfect excuse to dip your toes into a new sport while simultaneously reaping the health benefits of being more active . Here is a look at some sports that are ideal for adults to take up.


    Swimming is a great sport for adults because it is low-impact, so it doesn’t put undue strain on the joints, and it accommodates people of many different abilities. You are always welcome in the pool, whether you were a competitive swimmer in your youth or you’re just getting comfortable in the water for the first time.

    Swimming is also something you can do anywhere and doesn’t require investing in any special equipment. You can opt to start swimming on your own in a community pool or find an adult swim club in your area, so you can enjoy the social side of swimming as well.


    There is an adult dance class out there for just about everyone. If you miss your ballet and tap classes you took in your youth, many studios offer classes for adult dancers. You can also opt for social dance classes, such as salsa, ballroom dancing and swing dancing.

    Don’t worry about going to dance class without a partner. There are also people on hand ready to dance with someone who came to class solo.


    The favorite recess pastime is springing up around the country with adults-only leagues for the young at heart. Kickball requires a fair amount of aerobic activity, so make sure you condition before jumping into the game, and listen to your body to avoid injuries while playing .

    For those bumps and bruises that happen to active adults, West Hills Hospital and Medical Center are here around the clock with emergency care and access to diagnostic imaging and orthopedic care in West Hills. Get a referral to a primary care provider to make sure you’re healthy enough to compete or find out more about our hospital services by calling (818) 676-4321.