• Is your backyard pool safe for your family?

    Having a backyard swimming pool means you can count on fun all summer long, as long as you have taken the appropriate measures to keep it safe. Unfortunately, swimming pools can also derail your summer fun by causing the need for a trip to the emergency room or even loss of life. Don’t let a beautiful summer day turn into a tragedy. Follow these steps to make sure your backyard pool is safe.

    Set up a secure perimeter

    Controlling access to your pool is one of the most effective ways of preventing an emergency. Ensure that your pool is surrounded by a fence that is at least four feet high and that has a gate that is both self-closing and self-latching.

    Adding an alarm to the gate is a great way to know if a child opens the gate when you’re not at the pool to supervise. Keep your pool covered and pull up all of the ladders when not in use.

    Lay out the rules

    Make sure that everyone who uses your pool knows the household rules. Kids should not be allowed access to the pool without adult supervision. Don’t allow running on the pool deck, where a fall could lead to serious injuries that need to be treated in the emergency room. Don’t allow diving, unless you have a designated diving area with deep enough water. Make sure all swimmers know to stay away from drains.

    Teach kids how to swim

    Learning how to swim can help your kids avoid many dangers in the pool. According to the American Red Cross , about 200 children die each year in backyard swimming pools, so being confident in the water and knowing even some basic swimming skills could save your child’s life.

    When summertime illnesses and injuries do strike, West Hills Hospital and Medical Center is here to help. Get information about our emergency care in West Hills or request a referral to one of our physicians by dialing (818) 676-4321.