• What are some of the most common prescription drug side effects?

    Prescription drugs are necessary to control everything from acute bacterial infections to chronic diseases. However, while these drugs are essential to managing symptoms, they frequently cause side effects of their own. If the side effects of the prescription drugs that you take are so intense that you wonder if the illness or the cure is worse, talk to your physician about alternative treatments and strategies for managing the negative impacts. Here is a look at some of the most common side effects that people experience when they take prescription drugs.

    Fatigue is extremely common with prescription medications. Some fatigue symptoms are caused by ingredients in the medications themselves, while in other instances, fatigue is a sign that the immune systems is working in conjunction with the drug to fight the illness.

    Some medications are labeled to alert patients that they may cause fatigue, but even without such a label, fatigue can occur. If your medications are causing fatigue extreme enough to interfere with your activities, call your provider or pharmacist for advice.

    Prescription medications frequently cause nausea. For some people, the nausea occurs soon after taking a dose. Other people experience an increase in stomach sensitivity on a prolonged basis. Often, changing the time you take the medication in question or taking it with food can help.

    Dizziness is a scary side effect that happens with prescription drugs. Because this symptom can make it dangerous to drive or do other everyday activities, it’s important to report it to your physician right away.

    On National Check Your Meds Day on October 21, your pharmacist can review your medications and make recommendations about everything from managing costs to managing side effects, which you can then discuss with your physician at West Hills Hospital & Medical Center. Learn more about our hospital in West Hills, or get a referral to a physician who can help you better manage your prescription drugs by calling (818) 676-4321.

  • Recognizing National Public Health Week this April

    From April 3-9 this year, West Hills Hospital joins other medical centers and healthcare organizations around the country in celebrating National Public Health Week. This year, the public awareness campaign is continuing its theme of working toward making America the “Healthiest Nation” by 2030. If it’s been a while since you’ve been to the hospital, consider making an appointment for a check-up with your family physician. Your doctor can help you understand your current health status and work toward improving it.

    Vaccinating all children

    Vaccines are an inextricable part of a strong public health system. Pediatricians agree that vaccinating children is one of the safest and most effective ways to save lives, prevent the discomfort of serious illnesses and build strong communities.

    As part of National Public Health Week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put the spotlight on the Vaccines for Children Program . This nationwide program provides no-cost vaccines for eligible children.

    Improving access to healthy food

    National Public Health Week recognizes the importance of improving access to nutritious foods for all families. It highlights the necessity of building a robust food system that gives families access to affordable, nutritious foods that are free from unsafe contaminants. Organizations that recognize National Public Health Week have called for:

    • Eliminating food deserts
    • Improving school nutrition policies
    • Developing stronger nutrition policies

    Stamping out cigarettes

    Cigarettes are widely recognized as one of the most serious threats to public health. Smoking cigarettes doesn’t only harm the smoker. Tobacco smoke harms everyone near the smoker, and it’s thought that tobacco residue left on surfaces can cause health problems long after the cigarette has been extinguished.

    If you smoke and you’re ready to quit, your family physician can give you the support and resources you need. You can also ask your loved ones for their support while you work toward a healthier you.

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